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Инвест. план: 1.45%-24% от 24 до 96ч., 222%-999% до 12 дней.
Мин.Вклад/Вывод: 5$/0.01$
Реф-программа: 10%
Выплата: Instant
Старт проекта: 27 апреля 2019
В мониторинге с 3.05.2019
Наш вклад: 100$
Последняя выплата: 06.05.2019
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О проекте

Capitalizing from trading 
Zone dollar ltd is an online investment company which specializes in cryptocurrency trading. The company is built and ran by a team of crypto trading professionals. If you are looking for a profitable way to make money, there is no better option than Cryptocurrency trading. We invite you to join our company and enjoy the benefits of trading with us. The priority of InstaNation is achieving the highest return from the market and share the profits with our members. In the century of speed, time is precious, and because we put value in our client's time, we offer instant withdrawals. Our members are paid within milliseconds after request. 
We invite everyone who is interested in reliable online earnings and who is looking to find a reliable, passive income, to join zone dollar ltd.


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